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T-Shirt exchange
Kanne, Belgium, The Garden 2005

T-xchange is a performance-networking project

I am giving out T-shirts to queer and feminist artists, musicians and other performers that like the silkscreened slogan/sign that i made and will wear the shirts while performing. In return I ask to send me back a photograph of them wearing the T-shirts while performing, lecturing, or being on stage.This image will then take the place of the T-shirt in the grid.

Emma Hedditch,
Great Britain
Suzanne van Rossenberg, NL L,
darkred , silver print
red , orange print
blue, white print
Sands Murray-
, Amsterdam
green, white print
s 42 (L) ,
blue, white print
s 34 (XS),
blue, black print
s 42 (L) ,
white, orange print
white, orange print
Carla Cruz ,
ich, iiiiiixxxxx
green, orange print
s 40 (M) ,
blue, orange print
Risk Hazekamp,
s 38 (M),
turqoise, silver print
s S, men´ shirt, light
green, orange print
s 42 (L),
olive green, silver print
s 40,
lightblue orange print
Nina Hoechtl,
Ella Klaschka,Berlin
bolwerK interrational,
Lies de Clerck et
Marthe Van Dessel,
femfestival Hasselt 2005
in macchu picchu 2004 SFR,
musician and author
Zafer Aracagok, Turkey