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Mothers of Invention– where is performance coming from

6. December 2003 –1. February 2004

Museum of Modern Art , Vienna

Mothers of Invention explored the development of Performance Art in the context
of feminist and other emancipatory ideas from the 1970s until today. The
exhibition focused on influential art and activist spaces as well as groups and producer networks with feminist motivations. Politically oriented interest groups
engaging with issues of feminism, gay and lesbian politics or sexual liberation,
clubs and discotheques – which have traditionally always also been a field of experimentation for definitions of gender – as well as spaces for experimental art
and theater were important models informing the development of Performance Art. Special emphasis is placed on actions dealing with questions of feminism, queerness or gender, while privileging those actions which were hardly known or ignored by official art history for various reasons in spite of their influence within the “scene.” The project considers itself to be a kind of “growing archive” in which links and mutual influences among artists – leading to a snowballing system of recom-mendations and pointers – also had a share in the decision-making process.
The exhibition juxtaposed historical influences with contemporary positions and contributed to a re-assessment of the (historical) achievements, especially those of women, as they shaped performance strategies which continue to be visible today.

with works by : A.Mo.K – Ariadne - >a room of one’s own< - Renate Bertlmann - Christa Biedermann
Canon Club - Clever Gretel - SV Damenkraft - Rony Daopoulos und Annabella Miscuglio
De Appel - Die Tödliche Doris - Mary Beth Edelson - Valie Export MAGNA Feminismus: Kunst und Kreativität, 1975 - Franklin Furnace - Penelope Georgiou – Happy - IntAkt
International Feminist Collaborative Group - Rudi Katzer - KessyLuxOrganisation-Suzanne Lacy - Danica Minic - Minimal Club - Ulrike Müller re:tracing feminist art program
Wolfgang Müller - Vibeke Pedersen - Rosa Lila Villa - Salon Lady Chutney – Supersalons – TeamPingPong - Terre Thaemlitz - Inga Svala Thorsdottir –
Annette Wehrmann - Martha Wilson - Woman’s Building - Women down the pub -
Diagramme : Linda Bilda, supapaula

view of the exhibition view of the exhibition part of a psychogeographical object
by Linda Bilda, Carola Dertnig and
Stefanie Seibold, mapping an overview of
the viennese performance scene
lecture by Danica Minic at Symposium lecture/performance by Terre Thaemlitz Asa of Women down the Pub and
Kirsten Dufour of Canon Club in the audience
Nina Schedlmayr, Ursula Mayer and
Christa Benzer in the house !
view of the exhibition view of the exhibition